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Ultimate Woj bomb

Wild, just about 20 hours after I wrote about how Meghan is really the only supportive person I have in my life, she breaks up with me. Says I’m not a spiritual leader. We’re on different career paths. No your fucking mother has been chirping in your ear. Really upset right now. 

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blah, ramble, blah.

I don’t post a lot. However, gonna ramble a bit here.. 

I really tried to do something for Independence Day. I haven’t done anything for Independence Day in about five years. I am not a fan of fire works. I think they’re too loud and they honestly, kinda scare me. I like to watch them from afar. 

Again, tried to get some people together and have a cook out. Linda was about the only one who wanted to do it. outside of that, no one else even remotely gave an effort to attend. It really sucks. 

Maybe the people who I thought were my friends, aren’t really? I have a small group of friends. I figured it was a little bigger group of people. I do enjoy my group of friends, just wish some others would be in that group. 

I just feel like at times i don’t have anyone really to vent on, or really talk to. Meghan is in Wichita, and she really is the only one who is really supportive and someone I can count on. Now she’s 3 hours away. It really sucks. Feels really lonely at times. 

That’s it, I guess. Bed time for this big guy. Happy Independence Day to everyone out there. Thank you to all the veterans who put their lives on the line to defend our country. 

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Oklahoma City Man Who Wanted To Use A 'Sleepwalking' Defense Sentenced To Life For Murder


“An Oklahoma City man who was blocked from using a “sleepwalking” defense at his murder trial was sentenced Friday to life in prison plus 20 years.

Roger Frank Kincaid, 49, was convicted last month of first-degree murder for fatally stabbing Terry Lee Jobe four years ago. He was convicted of assault and battery with a deadly weapon for wounding another man, Kenneth Ruff.

He was staying with the two men at their Oklahoma City apartment.

A prosecutor said Jobe, 43, was stabbed 24 times.

At his formal sentencing Friday, Kincaid said the truth was not brought out at his jury trial.

“I believe there was a great mistake,” he said. “I wasn’t the perpetrator here. … I wasn’t in the apartment when it happened.”

A psychologist consulted by the defense concluded Kincaid could have been sleepwalking at the time of the homicide. The psychologist reported Kincaid would have been unaware and not in control of his actions.

Oklahoma County District Judge Glenn Jones refused to allow the jury to hear that opinion after a state expert pointed out severe problems with it.”

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New OKC Jerseys?


I actually liked the royal blue color scheme a lot better

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Hopefully one day

Hopefully, one day I can enjoy the holidays like most can. I took Mother’s Day for granted. It sucks. Now that my mother is gone, I can’t call and tell her Happy Mother’s Day. I can’t tell her happy Birthday. I don’t get those from her. 

Father’s Day is the same way. My daughter died after a week old. Can’t wait to have more children so I can celebrate their birthdays. I can be a good father for them. I can have them come to me and be like “Daddy! Happy Daddy Day!” 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I’m more or less just expressing my sadness/views on the holidays. I don’t want to do something to keep them off my mind. It’s not what I like to do. I’m not the repress type. Very open. 

One thing that kind of spurred this all on, this weekend at the DeadCENTER, I noticed how the foreign films showed other families. They’re so close. They spoke so highly of their parents. Especially in Fordson and Elevate. Living at home until they were wed or moved away. 

In Elevate, movie about a Senegal basketball camp, they said that their mother’s well being was their number one concern. Now, these are 13-15 year old boys saying this. You don’t really hear about that here. You hear more about disrespect and trouble making in America. Which, it’s sad. I wish we could adopt their way of thinking towards the elders. 

American teenagers have really taken everything for granted. I’ll be honest, I was one of those brats who took things for granted. I gave my parents hell at times. However, the number one thing I took for granted is how long they were going to be around. Only people who can really relate with me are the ones who’ve lost a parent. It’s a loss like nothing ever experienced.

However, in my life, I was able to avoid any close deaths outside of 5th grade when we had two class mates die. I knew it was coming though. Tons of my family are elderly per say. My aunt is very sick. Constantly in the hospital. My step father is a boozing alchy and I’m pretty sure his Liver died back in 89. I could just list the different things going on. Instead, I received the worst call January 13, 2010 about 7am. My brother broke the news in a very uncaring way

"Mom Died. Call steve."

He said it like it wasn’t a big deal. I don’t know if it hadn’t hit him yet or what. I would’ve used a lot more care and tact when breaking that news. She had a massive heart attack. She was getting ready for work about 10pm.

My mother had worked her ass off since about 2000. Doesn’t seem like a long time. However, she went from a house wife, to being the only one bringing in an income because my step father is a horrible person, got drunk and couldn’t hold a job. Then his arthritis kicks in, and she is the ONLY one who could work. 

It’s tough watching my step”dad” (using the term very loosely) do absolutely nothing but chug Old Milwaukee as she worked so hard. I believe that my mother’s heart attack was a correlation with having to work past her capacity for it.

She was 54. Raising a 15 year old daughter along with working 65 hours a week. Then coming home to deal with an alcoholic who treated her like shit. She never really got the right amount of sleep. I can’t remember the last time my mother looked healthy. 

The last time I saw her before I came down, I drove down on a whim. My sister kept waking her up, waking her up, waking her up. My mom worked from 10pm-7am. She would get to sleep around 9am or so, sleep until about 1:30-2pm. Then have to go pick up my sister at school, then she was mother.

I can’t remember the last time she probably saw a doctor. When she had my sister? Yeah, that’s probably the most accurate. 

For all this, I hate Steve. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. Not even for the physical and mental abuse he laid on me throughout my childhood. Just for the way he treated my mother. I remember waking up to them yelling and fighting. Him having my mother coward in a corner because she’s so frightened. Pushing and shoving him away. I was probably just a buck o’ 5. Him, proably around 230. Hated hearing her cry and scream at him. 

Now, I know my childhood wasn’t all abuse and fights. It was a lot of it. Steve kicked me out in 2002. Right before my senior year. Resentment set in automatically. I can’t get over it. 

He tries to be nice now. I don’t forgive him. I’m only in his life because he’s raising my little sister. My older sister, Crystal, has tried many of times to gain custody. Her grades are slipping horribly. Steve doesn’t force her to do homework. It’s sad. However, the only thing I can get from all of this is that it’s his little girl. He treats her like a queen. He tries not to drink too much around her. She’s never felt the abuse that I got as I grew up. She doesn’t remember it either, thank god. Hated that he would do that shit in front of him.

Sorry, got off on a soap box. Back on point: Do not take Mother’s/Father’s Day for granted

Father’s Day is something that’s more awkward than anything. Do I call myself a father even though my daughter passed away? I assume yes, because even though, it was just a week, I was still a dad. Do I go get myself a tie? I doubt it. I can barely tie them. (thankk you youtube for teaching me). Gabrielle would be almost 4 right now. She was a gorgeous child.

I’m lucky to have some of the best friends I can ask for. However, holidays like these are tough. I don’t really want to be alone, because my friends are my family. However, I can’t ask them to give up their own parents to just give me attention. I’m not that big of an asshole. However, Kama and Flynn were a couple of bad asses on Mother’s Day. We talked and chilled. No repressing just being bad asses and having a blast. We celebrated our Mothers, instead of grieved. It was great.

But, within three years, I lost probably two of the most important people in my life. I just hope no one has to go through what I’ve gone through. I’m sure your life is worse. However, mine isn’t perfect. I can’t just bottle it up. The closer we get to all these holidays, the less I sleep, eat, concentrate. Now that I’m unemployed, I have all this extra thinking time, it’s annoying.

Hopefully, when I get a job I’ll be able to distract myself a little more. Never good to just dwell on things.

Now, like I said, not complaining. Just venting. If you don’t like it, don’t really care. Don’t read it. I’m not fucked up. I don’t need any psychological help. I mean, hell, my life is fantastic outside of this. I have a great roommate. My friends are awesome. I know a lot of people don’t have homes or any friends or ZERO family members around them. I have at least a couple of family members. However, just because I don’t have the worst life, doesn’t mean I can’t occasionally talk about the bad things that has gone on in my life. 

Love the blog, hate the blog, got a better idea? Leave a note.

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my wordpress blog

has been sent a letter of cease and desist. I’ll be speaking to an attorney about it. makes me curious to whether an email saying such things are legal. I will have more updates.

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Thunder Keys to the Biggest Game of the Season.

Oklahoma City are on their heels. We can admit that. However, I’d like to think we’re that animal that’s backed into a corner and we’re ready to strike. After blowing a 13 point fourth quarter lead, they’ll have to play for 48 minutes.

The Thunder were outscored 23-10 in the 4th quarter. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook combined to go 3-17 in the 4th quarter and overtime. 

“We let our guards down,” Perkins said.

With that said, we’ll have to be better prepared tonight.

I’m going to break down some keys that should help the Thunder come out victorious. As I do this, take it with a grain a salt. I’m no coach. I just have watched every game the Thunder have played. Just observations.

Finish: I shouldn’t have to break this down. However, I’ll just summarize it real quick. Be aggressive. Perkins admitted what we all probably realized. Do not take away with the Grizzlies did. They did what it took to get the win, and that’s why we’re in this position. However, up 16 points, you need to step on the throat and crush the windpipe of your opponent. Not going dwell on this any longer. 48 minutes. Finish.

B-E Agressive: Kevin Durant shot just one free throw in the entire game. ENTIRE GAME!! The entire team just was unable to get to the foul line and I do believe that was the demise as well. 44 free throws to Thunder’s 23 will not when you ball games. You need to get into the paint and get to the line. Where is your rip move KD? Use it?

What’s really sad is that the Grizzlies missed 14 free throws. They allowed us a chance. Just think of how close the game could have been throughout if they hit their free throws. Grizzlies had 4 free throws down the stretch and just went 2-4. If they hit all 4, could have been an entirely different story. We need to get to the damn charity stripe.

BLOCK THE FK OUT: Through 3 games the Grizzlies have a total of 50 offensive rebounds. Thunder outrebounded 138-129. 50 of those rebounds are on the offensive glass. Thunder need to block out. Did a good job in game 2. In game 3, they were horrible Randolph had the quietest 21-21 game ever. Why? He went 8-22, with 8 offensive rebounds. I wonder how many of those offensive rebounds were put back for points. I want to say 5. So, 10 of his 21 points came off second chance opportunites. Need to block out.

This is really simple. Do these things and the Thunder will split the trip to Memphis and have control of the series once again. 

Prediction Thunder 102, Grizzlies 95.

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Western Conference Semi’s Game 3 Keys to the Game.

The Oklahoma City Thunder are Coming of what is considered an impressive performance in a 111-102 win over the Grizzlies. The Thunder head into a very wet Memphis for a swing matchup with what has become a knockout, drag out matchup. Winner will assume home court advantage and have the inside track on the rest of the series. 

I’m going to hit on a few keys that are important to the Thunder success to get the home court advantage back. Feel free to comment.

Bench play: James Harden, Nick Collison and Eric Maynor were instrumental in the win. The Thunder dominated the bench scoring, winning 48-39. The 3 big bench contributors went for 43 alone. It will be imperative that the bench will determining the outcome. With OJ Mayo coming off the bench for the Grizz, it’ll be tough to overcome The Memphis bench. Grizzlies won the bench matchup in the first game 27-16. I think which bench that is able to get going early will have the the upper hand in this one.

Turnovers: In game 1 the Grizzlies forced the Thunder into 18 careless turnovers. They turned the turnovers into 23 points. While the Thunder only forced 8 turnovers, for just 8 points. This was huge as Memphis was able to pull out a 13 point win. Game 2 was much different. The Thunder was able to force 16 Memphis turnovers, double from game 1. Which evened OKC’s total of 16 turnovers. However, it neutralized a big advantage that the Grizzlies had in Game 1. OKC doesn’t necessarily need to win the turnover battle, but they do need to break even. Allowing Memphis to be secure with the ball will not win this game. You must either of two things. A) Force the Grizzlies to turn the ball over equal or more than the Thunder. or B) NOT TURN THE BALL OVER. 

Pretty simple.

Zach “Z-Bo” Randolph: Randolph did not score a basket in the second half. Finished the night 2-13 with 15 points and 9 rebounds. A complete 180 from Game 1 where he finished 12-22 for a game high 34 points and 10 rebounds. Nick Collison filling in extra duty for a banged up Serge Ibaka was able to force Z-bo out to the perimeter and take unbalanced shots. Z-Bo got to the line, but that has become common place. The Thunder will need to do this again. Pound a body against him. Do not let him get comfortable. Send him to the line if you have to. Do not let him beat you on his jump shot. One thing I’ve noticed about Randolph, is that he doesn’t really attack the basket. He likes to isolate his defender, pivoting in, forcing his defender back near the paint before he spots up with a decent jumper. 

Russell “Honey Badger” Westbrook. Game 1 we saw bad RW, Game 2 we saw great glimpses of All-Star RW. I expect RW to bring his game in game 3. I do believe he’s reading the press clippings to his comparison to Stephon Marbury. Now, I firmly disagree. He settled down in Game 2 and allowed the game to come to him. He panicked at time and was back to forcing it inside. Looks like Memphis is collapsing down when he gets in the lane. He needs to learn to find the open man. Not just pile in there like a kid into a greatly raked pile of leaves. I provded a state. OKC is 35-10 when RW has more than 8 assists in a ball game. We won Tuesday despite that stat (six assists), It was his control of the game that allowed us to maintain that lead.

Not to mention his defense was just deplorable in game 2. Mike Connelly constantly made Russell Westbrook his bitch. Westbrook wasn’t physical enough. Connelly would push him back spot up. Come off a nice pick and roll then jumper. I don’t see Connelly hitting those same shots again. However, who’s going to stop him? Connelly was on FIRE until Ibaka put a body on him, injuring himself. After that Connelly went 1-4 from the field. Seriously, man up your defender RW. 

Road environment: Some of you may be curious to what I mean here. However, look at how we did in Denver. Denver gave us the toughest road games since last season’s playoff losses to the Lakers. We’re lifetime 1-4 in road games while in OKC. Memphis has found out they have a professional basketball team in town and they’re rowdy and roaring to show the NBA that they’re not just some bandwagon fans. (Let’s be honest, probably good 75% of them are legitimate fans. However, that 25% will just make the Grizzlies organization a lot of money). San Antonio fan traveled to Memphis, I spoke to him on twitter, he provided this insight to the arena experience.

I heard the Memphis crowd, and it was deafening. I couldn’t hear myself think at times.

The Thunder will need to block out the sound. Kevin Durant mentioned the crowd noise level in Denver. That just played to the minds of the Nugget faithful. Their egos grew three sizes that day to some Nugget fans. I do believe they’ll be a raucous crowd as ever, I think this might be something we need to overcome before we can start thinking we’re a championship caliber team.

Overall I think the Thunder will split in Memphis. I think It’ll come down to a best of 3 series. If the Thunder come out and duplicate game 2, the Grizzlies might as well pack up. 

Prediction: OKC 105, Memphis 97. 

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It aint easy being brilliant...: That's what you get Z-Bo


Zach Randolph had been doing EVERYTHING right since coming to Memphis. Especially since the beginning of the postseason.

He put his big boy pants on for Game 1, dropping 34 on the asses of the Oklahoma City Thunder, and getting the Grizz off to a 1-0 series lead on the heavily favored…

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Never knew KD had tats!

Okay this is my last time reblogging this masterpiece

kjhsdkjhsadkjh so that one picture was real?!